You reached Strength of Kindness, the TAFL-approved and TFL-approved fanlisting for Kunihiro Ritsuko, one of the female characters of Shiki. <3

Ricchan is a nurse who works at Ozaki Clinic, but also, she's the love interest of the nice Tohru. I like her because she's really sweet and caring, but also she really desires to live in her village with her family (so she left her previous boyfriend). After becoming a shiki, she refuses to drink human blood, and she becomes gradually weaker, so Tatsumi puts her friend in the cell, claiming she has to drink her blood to live (and the same does Tohru), but Ritsuko refuses, until she dies along with Tohru. I was really sad after viewing that scene, but I can understand her feelings. Ritsuko didn't want to become a monster, something she did fight with dr. Ozaki in the past, but also she doesn't want to take away a life. We can't forget that she was a nurse, after all. She's also very cheerful and helpful, and these qualities are really wonderful.

Well, if you are a fan of her, please, don't hesitate to join! <3


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