You reached "One day, suddenly...", the TAFL-approved and TFL-approved fanlisting for Kamijou Touma and Index Librorum Prohibitorum, the main pair in To Aru world.

What I like in these two? First of all, their first meeting is absurd. What would you do if you are the most unlucky boy in the world and you find a nun in your veranda? XDD Well, Touma lets Index enter in his life and their story begins. <3

Since this funny moment, they become roommates and a sui generis pair. Their relationship isn't romantical at all, but Index says that she loves Touma in some ways (unfortunately, Touma is disputed by almost all the girls of the show), and she was very sad after discovering that Touma completely lost his memory (after saving her), but Touma negates this in order to calm her. Even if, she's always inflexible with him and he always ends up bitten by her (these moments are really crazy, poor Touma XD) Touma tries to avoid Index to be involved in the dark affairs of Gakuen City (even if he has to lie), but in several occasions, Index is his most precious ally but he wants to protect her from danger.

What can I also say? Oh well, if you are a fan of them, please, don't hesitate to join! <3


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