You reached Heart of Darkness, the TAFL-approved fanlisting for Ouma Mana, Ouma Shu's older sister and one of the most important characters. Mana is in fact the first human being to come in contact with the Apocalypse Virus. Before this dramatic event, Mana was a sweet and caring sister, who loved Shu and along with him, she found Gai. It was her the one who gave Gai the name Triton, because he came from the sea, and the three of them spent a wonderful summer together. When Mana accidentally came in contact with the virus, her personality totally changed. She became sadistic and nymphomaniac, and also she tried to force Shu to have a physical relationship with her in order to mix their genes and create a new race. Also, she forced Triton to kill himself (but fails). When Shu rejected his sister, Mana went crazy and her rage caused the Lost Christmas. She was annihilated, but Inori's body was used as a sacrifice in order to rebirth Mana, until the dramatic and sad epilogue... ç_ç

Also, Mana really remembers me of Lottie Baskerville of Pandora Hearts (same appearance, same temper). <3 She's a negative character, but the first Mana was really sweet and I liked her sweet and caring side. <3

Well, if you are a fan of her, please, don't hesitate to join!! <3


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