You reached I'll go with you no matter your sin, the TAFL-approved fanlisting for the relationship between Kougami Shinya and Tsunemori Akane, the main characters of Psycho-Pass.

Seriously, they are my OTP! ♥ I wished for this fanlisting since long time, because I deeply love these two. Kougami and Akane are not only colleagues, they trust one another better than anyone, like their two souls are connected (using Funahara Yuki's words). Kougami views Akane as someone who can see beyond the judgement of the Sybil Sistem, and in more than one occasion, he says to her that he's glad to work as a detective under her supervision. Akane also, she's the one who helps him thinking, sometimes stopping his attitude of wild dog (I laugh every time I saw Kou shot by her Dominator, poor! XDD), even if she couldn't stop him from killing Makishima... ç_ç I love their dynamics, even in the second season, even without Kougami's presence, because he's still in her heart (yeah, I cried out after seeing Akane lightening the cigarettes, she had a melancholic and thoughtful expression in her eyes, like she was wandering about him! Aaaaw, I'm waiting for the moment the two of them will be reunited!! ç_ç♥)

Well, fan of this wonderful pairing, don't hesitate to join!! ♥


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