You reached "Revenge is a kind of wild Justice", the TAFL-approved fanlisting for the rivalry of Kougami Shinya, the hero of Psycho-Pass' first season, and Makishima Shougo, his antagonist and nemesis.

It's the first time I request a fanlisting in this category, and I find both of them the perfect example of what a rivalry is. They're both excellent fighters, philosophers, they have analytical and practical minds, they think similarly (as professor Saiga noticed), but they're on the opposite front. Sometimes it looks difficult to find out who the hunter and who the prey is, but in the end, and I loved their final sequence, Makishima told Kougami a deep last consideration about the loneliness of the human beings and the difficulty to replace someone else.

Also, I've chosen a philosophical quote as a title, taken from Francis Bacon's Essays. Don't you think that it suits perfectly for them? :D

Well then, fan of this rivalry, please, don't hesitate to join!


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