You reached Lost Treasure, the TAFL-approved fanlisting for Verloren and Eve, my favourite pair and the protagonists of the tragical story behind the whole saga.

All begins when Eve died, apparently killed by Verloren. After this tragedy, God condamned him, but Verloren escaped on Earth in order to find Eve's precious soul. Even if it's not confirmed if there's really love between them, Eve is always in Verloren's mind and heart. Every action he makes is for find her, no matter how many reincarnations he has to do, no matter how many souls he has to corrupt.

Back in Heaven, Eve was surely attracted by Verloren, finding him handsome and she's really curious about his work and his way to concern life and emotions. Verloren finds her annoying sometimes, but is touched by her joy of living, her curiosity and her good heart, even if he tries to discourage her from getting too close, because if she touches him, she'll surely die (a thing that Eve finds really sad).

There aren't details on Eve's death, but Verloren's current reincarnation, Ayanami, is trying to unlock his original body (sealed in Teito), in order to find her.

I really love this pair because they are the demonstration that love is immortal and trascends time (and I really hope that a day they will finally stay together ç_ç<3).

Just a little curiosity: I choose this title because Verloren means "lost" in German, and I wanted to play with words, because Eve can be considerate a lost treasure for him, but also his treasure. <3

Also, I used a colored fanart of Verloren, found on web. If the owner recognizes it, please, contact me, I'll credit you. <3

Well, if you are a fan of them, please, don't hesitate to join! <3


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