You reached Brave Heart, the TAFL-approved fanlisting for Shinomiya Ayase, one of the female characters of Guilty Crown and my favourite one. <3

Ayase is kind and strong willed, but also really shy. She's wheelchair-bound, but she pilotes an Endlave Frame. What I like of her? I like Ayase's determination, her way to face adversities. She doesn't like to be pitied, and she doesn't want to be helped or seen when she goes up on her wheelchair. Ayase is the demonstration that you can achieve something even if your body can't grant it. I like her strength, and also her shyness. She has a crush on Gai, and when someone tries to make her notice this (someone like Tsugumi XD), she blushes and tells that she just respects him. But when Gai died, she was really sad and struck, but she didn't give up. Also, Ayase is very loyal to her comrades, and helps Shu during his training to become an official Undertaker member. I said that Ayase is paralyzed, but her will is too strong that her Void has the appearance of two powerful legs. She can jump and run fast, free from the chains of her paralysis. <3

Well, if you are a fan of her, please, don't hesitate to join! <3


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