You reached Wonderful Dream , the TAFL-approved fanlisting for Airi Hoshina, the female protagonist of Meru Puri! <3 First of all, I have to thank Rainie, the previous owner of Airi's fanlisting, who gave me the chance to realize a new fanlisting for this wonderful girl! *-* So, really thank you!! >__<<3

I really wished this fanlisting, because Airi is my favourite character in Meru Puri (along with Aram, absolutely <3<3), and even if it has been long time since I read Meru Puri, I really like her. In particular, I love her imagination, her idea of love, that is very romantical, but also, I like the way she realizes her dreams, even if she has to fight for them. Airi is a girl like everyone of us, she dreams for love and for joy, and a day everything changes, giving her the chance to meet the prince of dreams, Aram (and all the wonderful friends of the magic world of Aster)! <3 Omg, how much are you lucky, Airi!!!! <3<3 But the most important thing is that Airi has important values, she doesn't want to give her kisses to someone, but only to the man she will love! >_<

So, if you are a fan of Airi, please, don't hesitate to join! *-*


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